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Arrow Fanwork Collection

As mentioned before, I'm here to pimp my fanfics (fanworks)!  And the links to my stuff are still there on the side.  This Not-So-Live journal has become my Arrow-centric repository, so... here's a handy list of links to the Arrow (mostly Dark Archer) stuff!

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New Arrow Fic and Dark Archer Video

in honor of S6 starting...

Damaged:  a psychological trip through Oliver's return from Lian Yu.  (yes, well, i perpetually live in season 1!)  This is not the Oliver you know and remember.  This Oliver is severely damaged.  But then who would be strong enough to right his father's wrongs?  (And because this is me, and my Brain came up with this idea one morning to amuse itself, Malcolm Merlyn will have a hand in this fic...!)

Chapter 1 posted Wednesday 10/11!  Look for Chapter 2 Friday 10/13.  And another chapter next week, and then...?  Life is full of uncertainties!

Damaged on FFnet.

The Fighter:  a tribute to Malcolm Merlyn, the Dark Archer.  Gone, but not forgotten.  (including some secret messages for the die-hard Dark Archer fans!)

The Fighter on YouTube.
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Green & Black: The End Is Near

The End Is Near

So I was looking at my G&B outline(s) and where the story was, and realized... after this next action sequence, there's only about 4 chapters left in the story!

     Yes, the whole Green & Black story, as conceived and 90% plotted out that one weekend, back at the end of season one.  Four years ago! In fact, half of the end chapters have been sitting around, written since...  well, possibly that first week!

     Now, obviously, the whole thing wasn't written and figured out that first weekend/week.  I had no idea what they were gonna do with DeadShot!  I had no idea what we were going to do for a 3-man mission when my Brain stole the DeadShot mission for a full-team one.  Heck, I had no idea what to do with the first two-man mini-mission!
     Probably funniest of all... though I knew all along that Felicity was going to make those statements and comments about the male slash mission, I actually had no idea what that mission was going to be, or where Oliver and Malcolm were going to go!  Thank goodness for an episode of Sliders with a chemical plant, and Star Kayak's help with the action movie plot!

Last Chapters

   I can't say much about the past two chapters, because SPOILERS!  But once we have all that straightened out, there is one more... "mission."  Well, I call them 'missions,' but this is more like an action sequence.  Instead of four parts (The Setup, The Plan, Action Part 1, and Action End & Resolution), it has five parts, and there was no time for planning.  Also, it has been in my head for a year or so (or more.  I still can't believe I spent 4 years writing this!) but as a motion comic sequence.

   I must have thought it up when I got the deviantArt Motion Comic tool thing.  I had vague ideas that maybe when I got to this part of the story, I would have the art (or at least the time?) to do a motion comic version.  Ha-ha; well, self!  The scene is upon us, and you didn't even finish the first 'simple' motion comic... :X

     Translating it into prose was a bit tricky, but according to my beta, it seems to have done the trick.  ;)  That's an amusing story, but I will let Dark Empress tell it, if she wishes.

     After the action sequence and it's aftermath....  I will give a few spoilers.  Or hints?  Teasers.  You know me!
[Spoiler (click to open)]

1:  Malcolm tells Tommy
    Yes, in a much more expanded and un-rushed version of the scene than the 2 minutes they had in the actual show.  This was written back in the first week of G&B conception.  And half written again at a bit later date.

2:  Malcolm asks Moira for the truth
     A very lost Malcolm turns to the one person he can count on not to sugar-coat it for him.  Moira then realizes she has the power to destroy him, utterly crush this man who's been terrorizing her for five years.  ...!
     This one was also written a good while back, though not in the original first week.  And it was written again a bit later.  So, yet again, there's versions to merge....

3:  Surrender
     Hmm.  Not sure what to say on this one.  I will tell you one thing, Malcolm didn't do what the plot said he should do... exactly... :X
     This is a new scene.  I didn't know exactly what was going to go on or what was going to get discussed.  Though I had a vague idea.

4:  Malcolm has a conversation with Rebecca
     This is also fairly straightforward.  I knew this would be the final scene back during the conception phase, but until now I've never tried writing it.

Future Stories

     I don't have any plans for a G&B Season 3.  Really, the whole story, like I've been saying, was planned and plotted out in that first week, and... this is the end of it.  Besides, with John Barrowman becoming a regular in the show from Season 3 on, there's enough Malcolm and Oliver action for everyone.  We don't need a G&B to get our fix :)

     I will be FINALLY doing some other Arrow stories (along with getting back to my Dragon Age and Dragon Age: Torchwood stuff!) that have been sitting by the wayside.

     The first will be PlotBunnyZilla.  This idea grabbed ahold of me one morning, and... I was stuck in my kitchen for 5 hours, writing it.  Sadly, what I was writing was essentially the second half of the story, and I only recently got to the first half.  Which is still sitting around not quite done...
     The actual name of the story will be "The Legend of Nanda Parbat."  It was spawned by some speculation I had on Malcolm's flashback of leaving Tommy.  I couldn't remember exactly what he said about leaving, but I thought it was something along the lines about a legend in Nanda Parbat, or a legendary place....  But that he wasn't actually talking about the League of Assassins.
     This should be finished up shortly after G&B ends.

     The second will be "Shattered Stones."  I mean it, this time!  This is a really painful story about how Tommy and Malcolm's relationship is so screwed up over their lives.  There are some killer scenes/chapters already written  ("Boys Don't Cry" has to be the best tear-jerker I've ever written), and some of them were posted here as snippets and sneak peeks.

[I will tell you how it starts... (MAJOR SPOILER/TEASER)]

  It starts out with Malcolm driving like a madman... and Tommy, who is about 11 or 12, is in the passenger seat; he's been hurt.  His arm is all twisted up and swollen, his face is all bloody.  Malcolm is desperately speeding him to the emergency room.  They get there, and Malcolm carries him inside, and Tommy is bustled away with the doctors and nurses while Malcolm is left there sort of bereft and all alone, with people staring at him...

     He regains his composure and ends up in a waiting room.  After a while two people come to talk to him, but they're not doctors.  They're detectives and they want to ask him why Tommy says he got his injuries when his father beat him.

...I know, right!?!?

     Malcolm of course denies this!  Tommy had an accident; he fell.  Well.  The detectives don't seem to buy that story.... :X

     I have to tell you, this story came out of my Brain when my Brain and I were having a discussion.  We like to speculate on things, you know.  Anyway, the question came up, "Did Malcolm Merlyn ever beat his son?"
     And so, this story asks that question.  But... it doesn't answer the question.
     Why?  Because you know the answer.

...I know, right!?!?

     Anyway, I will be working on that one.  ;)

    I have two other ideas I might work on... Both from Season One.  (I perpetually live in Season One, I swear!)  One is based on an idea Revenant Commander started, where instead of marrying Walter, Moira ended up marrying Malcolm.  In Revenant Commander's version, though, Oliver doesn't 'return' to Starling City as himself; his plan is to return after his mission of righting his father's wrongs.
     In my version... well, I just want to see how certain scenes would play out from Season One with Malcolm instead of Walter.  And... come on, how totally awesome would it have been if Malcolm and Oliver had gotten closer as step-father and son, by the end of Season One?  Killer!
(edit: oops, I mis-attributed that story; fixed now.  also, Revenant Commander has taken down that particular story.)

     The other idea I was amusing myself with... is Oliver returns from being shipwrecked and... yeah, he IS a wreck.  Besides all those eating disorders other fics like to explore, he has PTSD, he has flashbacks (not the entertaining tv/movie kind), he goes into fugue states, and he even has blackouts at times.  He wakes up and doesn't know where he is or what he's been doing....
     Then the story takes a weird(er) little turn as Malcolm thinks having Oliver in therapy could be dangerous for the Undertaking, so he undertakes (haha, you see what i did there :X) Oliver's therapy himself.  Then he finds out what's really going on, and things get real interesting!

G&B Season 3, What If?

   If there WERE a Season 3...  well, I don't think it would be G&B any more...  For, reasons.  :X   But things that could/might happen in a G&B Season 3...

We could find out who hired DeadShot to kill Walter.

We could find out who Count Vertigo's mysterious benefactor was.

We could find out what happens to Queen Consolidated and Merlyn Global.  Do they go under?  Do the Queens and/or Merlyns go broke?  Like... really broke, not rich-people broke like on the show...? :X

SOMEBODY could get caught in a lie they're about to tell.... (gah, Spoilers!)

Somebody could get kidnapped.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Somebody who didn't get kidnapped this season... :X  (yeah, I was gonna kidnap this somebody this season, but those two kidnappings kinda conflicted, so....)

What other loose ends were there?  I'm sure there were a couple...  Oh well, I can't remember at this time. :)

At any rate!  I am kinda excited to reach the end of the story, after all this time!  Empress is, ah, more than a little sad that the story is coming to an end, but... hey!  "Shattered Stones," man!  Finally!  Plus, it's not like I won't write more Arrow fics and clips.  Ooh, that reminds me!  I remembered part 2 of the Season 5 crack I wanted to write!  :)

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A Good Man: The Making Of

Malcolm Merlyn - A Good Man

BloodRavens collaboration

by Bloodsong

Music Video by the BloodRavens!

  So how do you do a collaborative music video?  Well, there are groups that do Multi-User Videos, wherein everyone in a project gets a cut of the song, they do a video to it, then send all the cuts back to an orchestrator who re-assembles them into a whole video.

  Well, but... that's not us. :X

  The first thing we do is post the lyrics on Google Docs, in a shared document.  Then we each have our own colour to add things (Bloodsong = red, Empress = blue).  And comments on the side.

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Arrow Speculations, Revelations, Season 4

Just me and my Brain.  Thinking.  Things.  I swear, THIS SEASON I'm going to get Malcolm figured out!  You're not fooling me again, buster!!  (okay, the writers did.  ah well.)

Andrew Diggle:

I know I put this down somewhere... around here.  Didn't I?  Possibly on the BloodRavens posts.

Back around the time after they were getting Deadshot in Russia... after Deadshot revealed that Andy's death was not a mistake...  and maybe around the time in Season 3, when Malcolm was trying to get Thea to run away from Raz al Ghul...  I kept thinking, who IS that driving Malcolm's car around??  And then, one day, I mentioned in a crack-y comment to Dark Empress, "Andrew Diggle is Malcolm's driver; he's not really dead!"


Yes, I am smug.

Then in the Flashback Year 3 (Hong Kong), Oliver returns to Starling City with Maseo, and we see a glimpse of John Diggle just off his tour of Afghanistan, who's gotten a bodyguard gig with his brother Andy.  Doing what?  Guarding a party of a spoiled rich brat.  Which spoiled rich brat?  Tommy Merlyn.  Meaning Andrew Diggle works for... who?  Yep.  Malcolm Merlyn.

In the last episode (Beacon of Hope), at the end, it appears that Andy is actually working for DD.  But maybe NOT.  Malcolm walks out to a car (his car :P), and says to Andrew: "Our mutual friends at HIVE are going on without our other mutual friend, DD..." and then, while smirking!, goes on to say how DD told him that Andrew Diggle is DD's ace in the hole.  You know, I can't help but read this scene as Malcolm snickering at DD the whole time that DD thinks Andrew is working for HIM, when he's been working for Malcolm this whole time.

Thea & Killing:

At the end of  Season 3, I kept wondering to myself... did Thea mean to kill that guy who had the Alpha/Omega briefcase?  I mean, she technically didn't; he killed himself.  But she shot him, 3 to the chest (her daddy would be so proud!), so... Did she actually intend to kill him?

Well, finally, my inner Malcolm said, "That doesn't matter.  The actual question is, if she hadn't already killed once, would she have been able to make such a decision so easily?"

Well... DAMN!

So it seems, it was Malcolm's intention for Thea to find out about that.  Perhaps not at the time that Oliver spilled it to her, but... eventually.  And he did it to spare her the anguish and grief and entire moral dilemma of 'should I take a life'?  Instead of hesitating and worrying if it is justified, if it is right or wrong, or evil or... anything, all she had to do was shrug, say, 'well, it's not like i haven't killed already,' and boom.  shoot the guy.

So kinda in his own twisted way, Malcolm spared her this moral anguish.

The Grave:

Okay, I sorta cheated on this one.  Well, it's the CW's fault for airing Arrow promo commercials while I'm watching Arrow (and Flash and Legends of Tomorrow).  So I've seen hints of SPOILERS for future episodes.  Those bums.

Anyway, I think I've got it figured out.  It's Thea.

Malcolm needs to get Thea out of Starling City before 'genesis' or 'the bloom' or whatever evil HIVE plot it is to kill everyone in the city.  She, of course, refuses to run away.  She's a part of the Vigilante team, she's the 'beacon of hope,' and she's one of the ones who needs to fight to stop HIVE.  Malcolm thinks they're going to fail.

They get into a fight.  Malcolm kills Thea and flees.

He kills her with... I don't know the exact name, but that zombie poison stuff.  You know, it sends a person into a suspended deathlike state for a day or two.  They get buried.  Then they wake back up and try to dig their way out. Anyway.  So, Thea's dead, and Malcolm absconds with the 'body'  (the real one, anyhow) before anything permanent like embalming happens....  and sticks her in a safe place.  That is escape-proof.  Or so he hopes....

Malcolm's Hand:

So Dark Empress and I were discussing of the Lazarus pit could restore Malcolm's hand.  Well, presuming Malcolm can get it fixed, after whatever Nyssa did to it.  The Pit generally just heals wounds.  But it can bring people back to life.  So it seems weird to me, but Empress is pretty sure it can regenerate a whole hand.

The other morning I had this horrible thought:  If Malcolm puts his (let's be frank, here) stump into the (repaired) Lazarus Pit, and it restores his hand... it will be a demon hand.  Like Vampire Hunter D.

Vampire Hunter D has a demon hand.  It has a face.  It... talks to him.  Which I guess is good, since he leads a sort of lonely life.  So does Malcolm.  Uh... so maybe it will keep him company.  But... just... EEEUW!  
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Plot Bunny Free to a Good Home: The Shrink

   So I've been reading Lucius and the Shrink by notwolf over on FFnet.  Which is hilarious.  It's a Harry Potter fic, in which Lucious Malfoy has been sentenced, not to imprisonment in Azkaban, but to go see a psychiatrist for therapy.  There are no wizard psychiatrists, so he's stuck going to see a clueless Muggle shrink.  Then Snape gets involved, and... hilarity ensues.

   Anyway,  then i was working on a scene in Green & Black with Walter, and talking about his therapist, after he'd been kidnapped and held prisoner for six months... and I had this crazy flash of an idea:

The Diary of a Starling City Shrink!

   The uppercrust citizens of Starling really... really need a high-priced therapist!  Think about it!  Funny or serious, there could be entries for Malcolm Merlyn's grief counseling, Tommy's grief counseling... Tommy's therapist for his difficult teen years, Tommy's rehab  (Tommy is really messed up!).

     Moira could see her shrink and pour out her frustrations with Robert's infidelity -- hey, maybe they could try couple's counseling!  If she could rope him into it.   Then Moira's grief and guilt when Robert dies.  Thea needs some serious therapy during that time, too.  Oliver and his PTSD when he comes back.  Walter after his kidnapping ordeal.

   The possibilities are endless!

   Oh, and then my Brain suggested that this shrink actually be Dr Lechter, who is compiling a dossier on all these people, for... well, his nefarious purposes...!

   Actually, I think this idea might be a good prompt across any genre or fandom.  Instead of those character interviews, you could send your character to a psychiatrist!  Get them on the couch, get them to talk about their childhoods and their various hangups....  pure gold.  STEAL THIS IDEA AND RUN WITH IT!  Please!  ;)
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Bloodsong's Writing Methods

     I always get a kick out of answering questions about writing methods, because mine are so... bizarre.  ;D

     I don't actually write the stories, per se.  I'll be here, in my mundane real world existence, bored to tears, and my Brain will start telling me stories.  Doing scenes, that sort of thing.  The whole thing plays out on the inner cinema of my mind.  So, actually, I'm the first member of the audience, and sometimes I don't know where the story is going any more than you do when you start reading it.

     But I do actually do some work!  I mean, if it were just as easy as writing down what my Brain dictated to me, I'd be a heck of a lot faster at this.  :X  The problem is, the parts I do are so much harder and (in my opinion) clunkier than the parts my Brain does.

     "Green & Black" is a perfect example of the various processes.  Here's how the whole thing came to be....

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Starling City Hunger Games

Brought to you by Ripred.Net's Hunger Games Simulator.

So on this fic I was working on, my Brain sorta... failed to figure out an ending to the story, and insisted that everybody get into a huge Battle Royale.  So then I thought... of THIS!  This is for entertainment purposes only.  ;)  And if you don't like how it turned out, run your own simulation!  (tip: it seems to make more interesting results if you check the box for dying by muttations and traps.)  (also of interesting note... though i put team arrow all under alliance 2, that didn't really seem to help them out.)


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Malcolm & Thea Music Video #2

"Let the Monster Rise"

   I didn't think I was going to do another Malcolm & Thea video  (I still don't think I'm going to do any more Malcolm & Thea fics :X )...  But then one day my Brain started singing, "Didn't I tell you not to go out, didn't I?"  And as we got further into the song, the lightbulb went on...

   And then it was going to be a future speculation of how things might go if Thea ever found out about Malcolm using her as a catspaw in his grand scheme.  And THEN I had to hurry up and finish it, since SOMEbody already told her...!

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